Open Your Heart, Your Life and Your Practice by Unpacking the Power of the Teacher’s Seat

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm | Sunday, Sep 30

We learn to take our “seat,” to be an authority in the classroom, but rarely are we asked to examine the power structures of our society we swallow whole and unquestioned that inform our teaching. Take some time to wipe the mirror clean and begin the work of self-study, turning attention to concepts of authority, power and bias. How are we influenced by society? What can we look to in the practice to dismantle these influences?

We will begin with this first introductory session, led by Ajit Joshi, a professional diversity and communications facilitator and yoga teacher. Our goal is to begin to break open our teaching practice and our yoga community to let the light in. To break it open so that it is more inclusive, dynamic, and has the power that comes from true union – not from the tropes of duality that pervade our world. From this session, we hope to form a working cohort that will meet at regular intervals throughout the year to examine each prism of diversity and inclusion together, with a facilitator versed in this type of conversation.This work will require the intense focus, compassionate heart and the courage of a warrior. Are you in?

Yoga = Union | 3415 8th St NE, Washington DC 20017